Governance and Guiding Documents

The IL Section and its members abide by the following documents.


The Constitution is the IL Section’s highest governing document, followed by the Bylaws.


The Bylaws mirror the structure of the IL Section Constitution, providing more detail. Bylaws maybe be amended by the Board of Directors, with advance notice to the membership.

Illinois Section Code of Conduct

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Illinois Section offers a variety of meetings, events, and activities that provide opportunities to learn, grow professionally, and exchange ideas; and, where all participants can participate fully in an atmosphere that is free of harassment and discrimination based on any identity-based factors.

Any violation of the code of conduct should be brought to the current Illinois Section President and/or member of the Executive Committee (Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, or Treasurer). Illinois Section Code of Conduct 

Illinois Section Board Nomination Process

Each year in the spring, per the Illinois Section Bylaws, a Nominations Committee is formed to identify and select nominees for open board positions, which includes the President-Elect (1-year term with automatic transition to President), either Secretary or Treasurer (alternating 2-year terms), and three Directors (2-year term). The Nominations Committee presents their nominee recommendations to the IS Board, which is then voted on and presented to IS-Membership a minimum of three months prior to the annual meeting. A petition period is then initiated for IS members to run for any of the open board positions, and then a vote is solicited from membership to elect the candidate for that position. If no petitions are filed, the IS Board declares the nominees for the non-contested positions elected. The IS Board nominees are provided below along with the petition form.

2024 Nomination Form
Petition Form