The Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI)

The Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) is a specialty membership organization focused on the transportation and development industry. T&DI combines the talents and perspectives of its members to promote professional excellence in all aspects of transportation engineering, urban planning and development. The Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) supports the advancement of integrated transportation and development that is safe, secure, and sustainable. T&DI is a membership-based organization with members from academia, government, and the transportation and development industry that collaborate to promote professional excellence.

Every month, the T&DI board invites a speaker to present at a Monthly Luncheon. Past luncheons have included professors, consultants working on interesting projects, and representatives from the major public agencies ranging including IDOT, CDOT, the Illinois Tollway, MWRD, Metra, the Chicago Department of Aviation, and more. The guest speakers present updates on the state of the industry in Illinois, from upcoming capital plans, progress on current projects, lessons learned, or interesting project experiences. The luncheons are hosted in Chicago or Oak Brook and provide an excellent opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn
T&DI also co-hosts project site tours, such as a tour of the Chicago River Walk or Circle Interchange, as well as social events ranging from holiday parties to happy hours.

If you have any questions about T&DI or want to become involved in any of our activities, consider attending a monthly board meeting. Our board meetings are open to all members, but please inform the T&DI Chair if you plan to attend.