SEI- February Webinar: “Real-World Ethics: Leadership in Action”

Presenters: Stephanie Slocum (Founder of Engineers Risintg LLC) and Tara Hoke (ASCE)
Time: 12PM to 1PM
Location: Zoom Webinar
Title: “Real-World Ethics: Leadership in Action”
Cost: $15 for professional members, Free for Students and Government Employees (Eg. IDOT)

Join the Structural Engineering Institute – Illinois Chapter for a presentation by Stephanie Slocum (Founder of Engineers Rising LLC) and Tara Hoke (ASCE) on “Real-World Ethics: Leadership in Action.”

How can you apply ASCE’s new code of Ethics to real-life ethical dilemmas? In this interactive session, you’ll get a brief overview of the new code, hear case studies, and apply the code through discussion of how you might ethically handle real-world scenarios a structural engineer may encounter in their work. You’ll leave this session having practiced the application of the new code and with new insights towards how it directly applies to your work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the principles and model of the new ASCE Code of Ethics
  • Identify which parts of the ASCE Code of Ethics may apply to real-world ethical scenarios
  • Interpret the ASCE Code of Ethics and formulate a plan to act ethically given a real-world ethical scenario
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